Springtree Wall Station SM-8IF | RS-232 to DMX
Springtree Wall Station SM-8IF | RS-232 to DMX Springtree Wall Station SM-8IF | RS-232 to DMX

Springtree Wall Station SM-8IF | RS-232 to DMX

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Springtree’s SM-8IF brings 8 scenes of RS-232 to DMX Control, with Contact Closure Inputs! The simple solution to integrate DMX fixtures into smart system like Crestron or Control4!


When integrated into a smart system, it gives you the flexibility to control DMX from the wall station itself or from a universal remote along with your facilities non DMX fixtures. Can be expanded to up to 3 DMX slave stations. 




• Simple to program

• Self-contained preset station with 8 scene capacity

• RS232 control

• 8 scene contact closure

• Built-in fade time presets

• Up to 3 slave units can be connected

• DMX-512 output

• DMX input snapshot



The SM-8IF can be surface mounted or sit flat and SS-8 can be mounted in any standard single gang box.


Connect the SM-8IF as shown below. Attention audio people: DMX is backwards from audio. Pin 2 is negative and pin 3 is positive. Most of the time pin 2 will be a white wire and sometimes it will be red. Pin 3 will always be black.



1. Hold down buttons 1 and 8 to enter programming mode (light will turn red).

2. Set desired look on lighting console.

3. Press desired preset button 1-8. Light will flash. Scene is stored.

4. Set new look on lighting console.

5. Press another unused button or record over existing scene by selecting button.

6. Repeat untill all 8 scenes are recorded.

7. Hold down buttons 1 and 8 to exit programming mode.

8. Hold down buttons 2 and 7 to enter secondary programming mode for setting fade rate. Select 1

for 1 second. 2 for 2 seconds. 3 for 3 seconds. 4 for 4 seconds and 8 for instant (no fade rate).

Hold down 2 and 7 to exit program mode.

9. If DMX is present at wall station, DMX passes and the wall station is inoperable.


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