LED Ellipsoidal Fixtures

LED Ellipsoidal's are bright and provide the energy efficiency suitable for churches, stage, theater, clubs and other event venues.  Our LED Ellipsoidals can consume just 150 Watts of electricity, providing 47 lumens per Watt.  Try to find specs that beats that.  The Springtree LED arrays are rated at an amazing 100,000 hour life span, twice that of most models on the market.  Most have automatic stand alone control modes and can operate via a DMX. Our affordable prices cannot be beat.


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American DJ Encore Profile 1000 Color
There is very little in the professional lighting world as classic or useful as Ellipsoidal lighting..
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American DJ Encore Profile 1000 WW | Pro Ellipsoidal
American DJ’s Encore Profile 1000 WW brings a modern look to a high performing Ellipsoidal. Its..
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Chauvet DJ EVE E-100Z | LED Ellipsoidal
Chauvet DJ’s Ellipsoidal 100Z creates a powerful, warm, hard-edged spot that can beautifully illumin..
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Chauvet DJ EVE E-50Z
Chauvet DJ’s EVE E-50Z is a powerful, yet affordable LED Ellipsoidal that can be wirelessly controll..
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Chauvet Professional Ovation E-160WW
Ovation E-160WW Ovation E-160WW is an energy saving wonder with an output that rivals a tungsten ..
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Chauvet Professional Ovation E-260WW
In developing the Ovation E-260WW, Chauvet Professional wanted to design an Ellipsoidal fixture that..
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Chauvet Professional Ovation E-260WW IP
Ovation E-260WW IP Chauvet Professional took their best selling and innovative Ovation E-260WW a..
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Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC Ellipsoidal
Chauvet Professional’s Ovation E-910FC is a powerful RGBA LED Ellipsoidal that creates beautifully v..
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Chauvet Professional Ovation ED-190WW Ellipsoidal
Chauvet Professional’s Ovation ED-190WW is an Ellipsoidal powered by nineteen 10Watt LEDs (W..
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Elation Professional WW Profile
The new WW Profile is a highly efficient ellipsoidal that features a 130W Warm White 3,000K LED..
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Elation Professional's WW Profile HP IP
Elation Professional’s WW Profile HP IP is a 130Watt Warm White Ellipsoidal with an IP rating of 65 ..
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Elation Professional’s CW Profile HP
Elation Professional’s CW Profile HP is a 130Watt LED Ellipsoidal that produces a cool white. It cre..
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Elation Proffesional Colour 5 Profile
Our new Elation Professional Colour 5 Profile is a LED Ellipsoidal perfect for theatre style lightin..
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Lightronics' FXLE2032W 240W LED Ellipsoidal
Lightronics' FXLE2032W is a LED ellipsoidal fixture suitable for stage, disco, night club, and other..
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Springtree Ellipsoidal 19 Degree Lens
Springtree's 19 degree Ellipsodal   lenses are interchangeable with any o..
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