Digital Monitor Systems

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Allen and Heath ME-500 Personal Monitor
Allen and Heath’s ME-500 is a 16-channel Personal Mixer that gives musicians the freedom to control ..
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Aviom 16/o-Y1 | 16 Channel A-Net Card for Yamaha MY Series
Description:   The Y1 card provides direct digital connectivity bewtween Yamaha digital pro..
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Aviom 28-AES-DB Module | AES3 Digital I/O Module PB28, XLR M/F : 1 DB25 Back
28-AES-DB The 28-..
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Aviom 28-EC-EC Module | Module for PB25, 8 Ethercon RJ45s Both Sides
28-EC-EC 28-EC-EC The 28-EC-EC is an eight-channel EtherCon RJ45 module featuring Neutrik Et..
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Aviom 28-XF-DB Module | Analog Module for PB28, 8 Female XLR Front : 1 DB25 Back
28-XF-DBThe 28-XF-DB is fitted with a rear-panel DB25 multipin connector, using the industry-standar..
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Aviom 28-XF-XM Module | Module for PB28, 8 Female XLR Front : 8 Male XLR Back
28-XF-XM 28-XF-XM The 28-XF-XM module is outfitted with eight female XLR connectors on the f..
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Aviom 28-XM-DB Module | Analog Module for PB28, 8 Male XLR Front : 1 DB25 Back
28-XM-DB MODULE 28-XM-DB The eight-channel 28-XM-DB module is fitted with a rear-panel DB25 ..
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Aviom A-16cs | 16-Channel Remote Control Surface for A-16R
The A-16CS Control Surface allows the A-16R Personal Mixer to be mounted in a rack with power amps, ..
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Aviom A-16D PRO | 8 Port, 16 Channel A-Net Distributor w/Power Supplies
The A-16D Pro distributes Pro16® A-Net®, plus DC power, to up to eight devices. Description:..
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Aviom A-16D | 8 Port, 16 Channel A-Net Distributor
The A-16D distributes a 16-channel A-Net® stream to up to eight Pro16 devices. click h..
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Aviom A-16R | 16-Channel Personal Mixer, Rack Mount
The A-16R is a single-rack- space stereo digital mixer that can be added to any Pro16® network...
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Aviom AN-16/i-M | 16-Channel Input Module, 16 XLR and 1/4 inch TRS
The AN-16/i-M is a 3U-high rack-mounted mic- and line-level input device with sixteen high-quality m..
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Aviom AN-16SBR | 4 Pro16 A-Net System Bridge
The AN-16SBR System Bridge is designed to be used with Pro16® Series products when digital snak..
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Aviom AV-M8 | 8 Mic-Level Input Module
The AV-M8 Mic Input Module provides eight mic-level inputs to a Pro16® system. Two channels als..
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Aviom AV-P2 | 2 Analog Output A-Net Digital Audio Stream
The AV-P2 Output Modul..
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