Aviom 28-EC-EC Module | Module for PB25, 8 Ethercon RJ45s Both Sides

Aviom 28-EC-EC Module | Module for PB25, 8 Ethercon RJ45s Both Sides

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28-EC-EC The 28-EC-EC is an eight-channel EtherCon RJ45 module featuring Neutrik EtherCon connectors on both sides. It allows Cat-5 network connections from multiple devices to be brought to a convenient central location in any patch bay.

The EtherCon connectors accept standard Cat-5 network RJ45 connectors as well as those fitted with the XLR-style EtherCon jack. The 28-EC can be used with Aviom A-Net products (Pro16 or Pro64) or with any Cat-5 based data.


PB28 patch bays can be used in any audio or data environment. Each blank PB28 Patch Panel accepts two eight-channel modules in any order.

Audio and data connectors are available in a variety of configurations. Modules are available in groups of eight channels and can be installed in any order. Modules that feature DB25 connectors adhere to industry-standard pinout wiring conventions.

The versatile PB28 system is the perfect addition to any audio facility. Industry standard configurations make the PB28 modules easy to install in any context from concert touring stage racks to post production and studio patch bays. Bring Cat-5 connections to a central location, make touring racks easier to patch together, or configure stage boxes for a digital snake with ease.

PB28 Patch Panel

The basis of the PB28 system is the PB28 Patch Panel, a blank, 1U-high unit that accepts up to two PB28 Series modules. Patch panels can be user-installed using only a screwdriver. Two modules can be installed per PB28 Patch Panel.

Blank PB28 Patch Panel


  • Universal - works with any audio or data system
  • Modular construction
  • Two 8-channel modules fit in each PB28 Patch Panel
  • Flexible configurations
  • Install and rearrange modules with only a screwdriver

**Be sure to use the correct DB25 cable; analog and digital pinouts are not interchangeable.**


Module Front Panel Rear Panel
28-EC-EC EtherCon RJ45 EtherCon RJ45
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