Allen and Heath ME-500 Personal Monitor
Allen and Heath ME-500 Personal Monitor Allen and Heath ME-500 Personal Monitor Allen and Heath ME-500 Personal Monitor Allen and Heath ME-500 Personal Monitor

Allen and Heath ME-500 Personal Monitor

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Allen and Heath’s ME-500 is a 16-channel Personal Mixer that gives musicians the freedom to control their own monitors, saving the sound engineer loads of time, while speeding up sound check. Designed to be powerful but intuitive, it allows for very specific control of the monitor’s sound. It features 8 programmable presets for switching musicians or songs. These presets can cover levels, pan, mutes and key assignments that can be recalled at the touch of a button. Presets can be saved to a USB key to easily transfer them to other ME-500s. The first 16 mono/stereo channels and, or mixes assigned from the mixer will be automatically mapped to ME-500’s 16 select keys for a quick setup. They can be left free standing, or surface mounted.


  • 16 Channel personal mixer
  • Plug ‘n’ play compatible with dLive, GLD, Qu and Aviom® A-Net 16
  • Compatible with Digico, Yamaha, Avid and other mixers via ME-U hub
  • Connect any number of ME devices to a system
  • Mix and match ME-500 and ME-1 devices
  • Can be powered via PoE or external PSU (included)
  • Stereo headphone outputs on 3.5mm and ¼” jacks
  • ¼” TRS mono balanced line out for connection to stage monitor or IEM transmitter

An Incredible Quality!

Allen and Heath has incredible consistency when it comes to quality. The ME-500 will offer you a great sound. Its 16 channels will sound clean, and a built-in limiter of the headphone amp will protect your ears from unexpected spikes. It also offers the quality of build! Built tough to last on the road touring, or in the hands of volunteers at church.

They Are Perfect for Churches!

Churches often have various styles, and a constant flux of musicians. Its been our experience that the most common interruption comes from having to adjust the monitors’ level. These are on the professional side of quality, and simple to train people on. Quality of their monitors has a profound effect on a musician’s performance and on their enjoyment of playing. Offering personal monitors can be a simple way of increasing a musicians joy in serving.

Scalable and Compatible

The ME-500 can be used for a soloist or a full orchestra to great effect. The key is its scalability. Secure EtherCon connectors allow ME-500s to be daisy-chained, or deployed in a star topplogy using the ME-U or an off-the-shelf PoE switch. Already own ME-1s? No problem, you can mix and match ME-1s and ME-500sto make the most of your inventory. They are compatible with any Allen and Heath digital mixer, as well as a host of others. If you’re using other digital mixers you’ll need to add a ME-U hub fitted with a Dante, MADI, Waves or EtherSound module. They are a great tool for those using other branded boards as well.

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