PRX800 Series

JBL’s PRX800 Series is the best at what it does! It is the most advanced PA in its class for incredible sounding audio that is easy to transport and quick to setup. Built-in Wifi and advanced DSP allows for an enormous level of control. The entire series is made of high quality wood with a rugged tough Duraflex finish, and dent-resistant 16-gauge grilles.

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JBL PRX812W | 12” Two-Way Full-Range Powered Speaker With Wi-Fi
JBL’s PRX812W is a 12” Two-Way Full-Range Speaker that delivers powerful performance as both a main ..
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JBL PRX815W | 15” Two-Way Full-Range Main System/Floor Monitor with Wi-Fi
JBL’s PRX815W is a 15” two-way full range speaker with built-in Wifi. It is designed to achieve high..
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JBL PRX815XLFW | 15” Self-Powered Extended Low Frequency Subwoofer System with Wi-Fi
JBL’s PRX815XLFW is a self powered low frequency 15” Subwoofer with built-in Wifi for easy remote co..
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JBL PRX818XLFW | 18” Self-Powered Extended Low-Frequency Subwoofer System with Wi-Fi
JBL’s PRX818XLFW is a 18” self powered low frequency subwoofer carefully engineered to produce power..
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JBL PRX825W | Dual 15” Two-Way Full-Range Main System with Wi-Fi
JBL’s PRX825W is a two-way full range main that features a dual 15” bass reflex design powered by a ..
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JBL PRX835W | 15” Three-Way Full-Range Main System with Wi-Fi
JBL’s PRX835W is a 15” three-way full range speaker designed for main system applications. It sounds..
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