Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera
Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera

Blackmagic Design URSA Broadcast Camera

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Blackmagic’s URSA Broadcast is the most affordable professional broadcast camera! Designed to work brilliantly in the studio, or out in the field, it keeps costs down by using traditional batteries and lenses you most likely already own, while eliminating weird media cards and file formats found on traditional cameras. It functions with both older after market HD lenses and inexpensive photo lenses to make it a flexible solution. 

It is the perfect solution for online content creators, allowing them a production quality that use to be only available to much larger budgets! The URSA Broadcast’s 4K Image Sensor is designed for both HD and Ultra HD, to produce incredible looking content that looks great without any post production work. It features an expanded dynamic range, and high color fidelity for the creation of crisp images. 

Audio- The URSA Broadcast camera features a built-in stereo pro-microphone and audio recorder for use without additional equipment. Additional microphones can be connected via two built-in XLRs with 48V of switchable phantom power. Its two microphone inputs allow you to record a reporter in the field wearing a lapel or handheld mic, and capture ambient noises from the second input. You can also record the same microphone to both channels using different levels to avoid clipping from unexpected loud noises in the field. It features external knobs for adjusting levels and onscreen meters so you can trim audio levels even when shoulder mounted. 

The URSA Broadcast is two cameras in one! The compact design, familiar controls and broadcast camera features are ideal for ENG style shooting and vital for working quickly when you’re trying to capture breaking news. Whether you’re in the studio or out in the field, URSA Broadcast will give you incredible image quality, accurate skin tones and vibrant colors that are far superior to cameras costing ten times more. The key is URSA Broadcast's new extended video mode that produces pictures you don’t need to color grade so you can shoot, edit and get stories on air faster than ever before. 

The URSA Broadcast features high quality neutral density (ND) filters that let you quickly reduce the amount of light entering the camera. The ¼, 1/16th and 1/64th stop filters have been specifically designed to match the image sensor and color science of URSA Broadcast, providing you with additional latitude and better colorimetry, even under harsh lighting conditions. This lets you use different combinations of aperture and shutter angle, in a wider range of situations. The IR filters have been designed to evenly filter both optical and IR wavelengths. This eliminates the IR contamination usually associated with most ND filters. The ND filters are true optical filters with a precision mechanism that quickly moves them into place when the ND filter dial is turned. The filter settings can be displayed as either a fraction, number, or stop reduction on the LCD.

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