In Search Of a Cause

We want to add light to this world.

Beyond changing the way stage lighting is sold, we wanted to directly help those less fortunate. A part of every sale will go to a cause. The only question was, to what cause? In search of a movement to give ourselves to, many worthy organizations came to mind.

Then came a visit to my sisters church during a holiday. A team of members had just gotten back from a well digging trip in El Salvador, and service that day was dedicated to their sharing. I expected there to be a few cool stories, but I wasn’t expecting my heart to be so moved. And I found our cause, to see children playing in clean water for the first time. 

The Gift of Clean Water

Living Water International is a faith-based, non profit based out of Houston, Texas that provides clean water through digging and repairing wells in addition to providing hygiene education in 3rd World nations. 

Water is Life 

Yet so many people are without clean water. 840,000 people die a year due to diarrhea caused by a lack of hygiene and clean water. Having to travel long distances to fetch water keeps kids out of schools. On a average day, woman and children will spend a collective 200 million hours fetching water, and the sad truth is, often that water is contaminated. 

Click here to learn more about Living Water International


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