The Reliable, Affordable In-Ear System

affordable in-ear system

Want a high-end in-ear monitoring system, but a little nervous that your budget can’t handle that price point? We’re pleased to introduce Sennheiser’s new  XSW IEM in-ear monitoring system. An affordable and effective option for a wide range of purposes. What I aim to do in this article is to elaborate on why the XSW IEM system is an ideal choice over other seemingly comparable products on the market. 

Why In-Ears?

In a word? Efficiency. I have extolled the myriad benefits of in-ear monitors in previous blogs which you can read more about here. For the purposes of this article, I’ll just say if you’ve ever experienced these advantages firsthand, you know it’s hard to go back to your simple wedge monitors. The challenges of having to deal with multiple input sources, band members battling for more sound in their mix, and trying to get the right balance in your wedges are issues most of us in the industry are well aware. A good in-ear system eliminates many of these problems out of the gate. It also gives you great mobility for performers on stage without the worry of moving away from the monitor wedges at the front of the stage.

What does the Sennheiser XSW IEM have to offer?

At Springtree, we love Sennheiser products. What’s not to love? They make quality sound gear and have been a giant in the industry for very good reason. We’ve carried their G series in-ear systems for a while now. While they are excellent systems, they can tend to be a bit pricey. Sennheiser was smart enough to recognize this, so the XSW IEM was developed to close that gap in affordability. With a price point of just $599 (as of August 2022), this system is easily attainable. Especially for the value of what you’re getting. That’s less than half of what the pro-level G4 series cost. Of course, at Springtree we’re gonna make that deal even sweeter.

What are the main differences between this system and the higher end models?

So, what are you sacrificing in quality to get this at such a great price? To be honest, hardly anything of real consequence. For one, the body packs are slightly larger. Also, they are made of a durable plastic which is still incredibly resilient. That being said, they are still rather light and the controls are well protected. In fact, they are lighter than the G4 series packs. In addition, there is no wireless management system. But most people for who the XSW IEM is suited have little need to manage multiple frequencies. The sound quality is nominally less than what you get from the G4 series, but it’s still above average, especially for a more economic option.

What do I get?

Let’s talk about some of the awesome features that the XSW IEM offers. Even with the significantly lower price, the system still comes with a host of features that allow it to compete at the pro level. 

  • Both XLR and TRS connections: On many of the entry-level systems you only get the TRS connection. The great thing about that is XLR cables are more readily available than TRS.
  • Earbuds included: While they are not as high-quality as some would prefer, the four ear-buds that come with the unit are more than adequate. And of course, you can use your own buds on the receiver packs.
  • Three mix modes: Most other systems come with one, maybe two input modes, stereo and mono. The XSW IEM comes with Focus mode. This is a terrific feature that allows you to blend and adjust your two inputs left and right for a more customizable and versatile experience.
  • Built-in compression and EQ setting: You can manage your own compression settings straight from the body pack. You can also adjust your own EQ levels to brighten your top ends more effectively.
  • Light and durable body pack: As stated before, the packs are made of a durable polymer, and also, just as important, the antenna is rigid and durable. The light weight prevents clothing from being pulled down and lessens the risk of dropping.
  • Transmitter Rack Kit: Perfect for a clean set up
  • Excellent transmission range: The receivers hold a great signal up to 80-100ft from the transmitter even with multiple obstacles and electronics.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, you’re not going to find a better entry-level package for the price than the XSW IEM in-ear system. If you are a small or even medium sized church or if you’re gigging or playing 300-500 seat houses, this system is perfect for you. With Sennheiser, you can rest assured that you’re paying for quality and a product that lasts a long time. If you’d like to learn more about the XSW IEM, check out this video from Sennheiser. I hope this article was helpful and if you have any further questions or want to talk to us about how you can get your hands on one of these babies, please give us a call or check it out below.

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