Church LED House LIGHTING | Springtree LED

What is House Lighting?  House lighting is a theatrical term for lighting the area the audience sits in. TRADITIONAL HOUSE LIGHTING Tends to be on a dimmer system, meaning the level of brightness corresponds to the level of power being fed to the fixtures. Our experience from retrofitting dozens of facilities is that traditional pendant […]

Convection Cooling For LED House Lights!

Convection Cooling Convection cooling sounds nice, and we mean that literally. When a fixture is convection cooled, there is no need for an added fan, which means silent fixtures. Then why didn’t we go that direction when designing our Spatial Pendants? While good on the ears, convection cooling is bad on the eyes. It leaves a grill […]


QuickQ is ChamSys’ powerful lighting console, designed to be intuitive! It’s called QuickQ because it’s quick to set up exciting lighting shows, and that includes patching fixtures! Adding new fixtures to some consoles is so hard that it makes you want to pull your hair out! (that’s why Peter is bald in the video above) […]

Best Antenna for Crowded Wireless Microphone Frequencies!

The Wireless Microphone Dilemma You purchase a wireless microphone system with the recommended frequencies for your geographic area, only to find a disappointing low number of open channels. So you do what most people don’t like doing, you invest in an additional antenna to lock-in a great transmission. Here’s why you should consider the RF […]