Allen&Heath SQ-6
Allen&Heath SQ-6 Allen&Heath SQ-6 Allen&Heath SQ-6 Allen&Heath SQ-6 Allen&Heath SQ-6

Allen&Heath SQ-6

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Allen and Heath’s SQ-6 is a 48 channel Digital Mixer with 25 faders that is compact, yet powerful. At the center of its performance is a XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine that allows for high fidelity and an ultra-low latency of less then 0.7ms. It includes 24 amazing sounding preamps, 8 stereo FX, and access to the best RackExtra FX library. Also provided are 12 stereo mixes for in-ear monitoring.

Designed with an easy to use workflow, it allows great hands on control. A 7” capacitive touchscreen integrates clear visual feedback, and allows you to drag and drop channels and mixes to build a custom mixing environment. The SQ-6 can be expanded up to 48 mic inputs via stage box expanders. It features Deep Processing ability for hand-picking boutique compressor and preamp emulations to match your style and needs.

Ideal for conferences, and churches!


  • 96kHz FPGA processing
  • 48 Input Channels
  • DEEP Processing ready
  • 25 Faders / 6 Layers
  • 12 Stereo mixes + LR
  • 3 Stereo Matrix
  • 8 Stereo FX Engines + dedicated returns
  • 7” capacitive touchscreen
  • SLink port for remote audio / expansion
  • 64ch I/O Port for audio networking
  • 32×32 USB audio interface
  • SQ-Drive direct recording to USB
  • AES output
  • Chromatic channel metering
  • Integrated LED illumination
  • Dedicated physical controls
  • 16 Assignable SoftKeys
  • 4 Assignable Soft Rotaries
  • Channel LCD displays

The Ultimate IEM Mixer

With no less than 12 stereo mixes and super-low latency, and both parametric and graphic EQ on every mix, SQ is the perfect companion for in-ear monitoring setups. SQ’s airline-friendly compactness and rugged build quality mean there’s no reason to gamble on house monitor consoles again.

Expandable up to 48 mics

SQ-6 has all the onboard I/O you need for standalone operation. Thanks to its SLink intelligent port, SQ can also be expanded up to a total of 48 mic inputs via a family of 96kHz and 48kHz rack and stage box expanders (e.g. AB168, AR2412, AR84 and DX168), making it a flexible, mix ‘n’ match solution for owners of other Allen & Heath digital systems. You can also link your SQ directly to another SQ or even a dLive system.

Flexible multitrack recording

The integrated SQ-Drive makes it quick and easy to capture a 96kHz multitrack or stereo recording of the show direct to a USB key or drive. No software setup, no soundcard driver issues and no extra laptop to bring to the performance. SQ-Drive is also a smart way to manage walk-in music.

ME Personal Mixing System

SQ is fully compatible with the ME Personal Mixing System, allowing the performers to take control of their own monitor mixes. Any number of ME-1 and ME-500 personal mixers can be daisy-chained from the mixer’s SLink port, or from a connected remote expander.

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