Microphones For Water

Buy a Microphone, help give Clean Drinking Water!

$5,500: That’s the cost to dig a well dug in Central America by Living Water.

$99: That’s the cost of a Springtree Airwave Microphone.

$20 is going to help fund a well.

On a well digging trip we went on last year, we fell in love with these little kids. When we first came, they had no source of clean drinking water, when we left, they had a well with pump for their community. Is there a more beautiful thing you can be a part of?


And the truth is, they sound great!


Don’t be fooled by its low price, they sound as good as countryman!

Children’s Theatre tends to be the death of microphones. They play with the boom, and are rough in taking them off. It was because of this, that we partnered with Airwave Technologies to design a custom microphone that would be perfect for children. The resulting mic became a church favorite for pastors to preach in.

  • They feature a shortened boom, so you will forget that you are even wearing it. Its been our experience that kids are less likely to play with a microphone that is further away from their mouth.
  • Unlike their sister microphones in the Slimline series, the Springtree model doesn’t feature a detachable cable. While convenient, the detachable cable is a breaking point.
  • They will sound great out of the box. EQing will always make a microphone sound better, but these will sound great even with limited mixing knowledge.  

This is Chris, he is our lead sound engineer. He is amazing at what he does, but can be quite the gear snob. He has engineered major artists, and is always pushing for the very best sound gear. So we were quite surprised by his love of airwave, “They sound as good as countryman! People don’t realize that because of the price point, but why spend more when they all eventually break.”

A large part of the profit is going to the well. The reason we are not donating all of it is we still want to provide the very best servicing. If it breaks within the first year, not including you ripping the cord apart, we will replace it with a brand new one. All over-ears eventually break. Have an affordable one to replace. 

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