Chauvet Professional onAir Panel 3 IP


onAir Panel 3 IP is a rugged IP65 full-spectrum low-profile 1×3 format LED soft light capable of facing all of the elements, indoors or out. Ready to go on location for any broadcast setting, onAir IP Panel 3 features a superior quality of white light with high CRI/TLC and TM-30 scores, a smooth 16-bit dimming curve and +/- green adjustment, an emulated redshift, the ability to produce a pop of color to achieve the exact look you are aiming to create, along with built-in customizable effects accessible from the onboard control menu. Easily switch mounting options from Jr Pin to Omega Bracket. Drop-in slot for diffusers and intensifier filters ensures ease of use when changing accessories. Adjustable PWM ensures camera-ready use. An optional 28 VDC input via 3-pin XLR powers the fixture from an external battery pack to add increased flexibility for all of your remote needs. DMX, RDM, CRMX, Art-Net, sACN, and onboard control options make for flexible operation.