ComSTAR XT Series


ComSTAR Self Contained headsets are “All in One” full duplex transceivers that feature miniaturized wireless circuitry built right inside the earcups. This streamlined design is a breakthrough because it eliminates the belt pack radios that are required with traditional headset communication systems. Up to eight users to talk simultaneously just like on a regular telephone within a 400 yard range enhancing jobsite productivity and safety. ComSTAR provide ease operation and outstanding full duplex voice communications across a multitude of industrial applications.

ComSTAR headsets are field programmable. Select the system from the drop-down list below and add components expanding the talking pattern as your needs grow.


  • Com-Center Base
  • ComSTAR Single & Dual Ear Wireless Headsets
  • Batteries & Multi Charger
  • Hard Shell Case

Available in sets from 2-8. Get a discount on multiple sets.

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