Galaxy Audio expands on the highly acclaimed, user-friendly, battery powered, compact Galaxy Trek 2.4 GHz portable wireless microphone product line.

The GT-INST-6 portable, wireless small stringed instrument mic is a lightweight, high fidelity clip on violin microphone that features a flexible shockproof bracket for use with violins, fiddle and viola. The omni-directional condenser capsule is designed to reproduce nuanced authentic natural sound. The included soft rubber bracket offers secure and easy attachment while absorbing vibration and preventing damage to the instrument finish.

In today’s cyber world, we use our smartphones for everything; gaming, social media, news updates, shopping, pictures, and video. Getting rich, clear, articulate audio while recording video can be especially difficult when the microphone is not in close proximity to the presenter. The Galaxy Trek wireless transmitter, transmits seamlessly to the included wireless receiver, which simply plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your smartphone, delivering quality audio to your video recording.

The Galaxy Trek receiver will also plug directly into most powered speaker inputs (1/8″ & 1/4″). This conveniently adds a wireless violin microphone to most powered speakers. Teachers, videographers, live streamers, presenters, street performers, among many others will find the violin pickup mic features a plus.

The Galaxy Trek wireless clip on violin microphone is powered by long-lasting internal lithium batteries located in both the transmitter and receiver. Charging is quick and easy with the included micro USB cable. The system also includes two adapter cables for both Android and Apple iOS smart devices.

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