Spatial Flat Pendants


Spatial Flat Pendants are the hanging pendant version of our popular Spatial Flats. Like the Spatial Flats, each Spatial Flat Pendant is a 30Watt DMX controllable LED fixture with your choice of a RGBWW or Warm White LED engine. It still requires the use of a DMX600 Driver for power and DMX.

Created by popular demand, the Spatial Flat Pendants are the perfect solution for ceilings that are too low for the Spatial Pendants, but are too open (no tiles or drywall) for the standard flats.  Recommended height is 8 to 16 feet with average spacing at 6 to 8 feet centers.

  • $109.95 for the Warm White Version
  • $119.95 for the RGBWW
  • $495.95 for Required Power Driver
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