Digital Projection


Hitachi/Maxell has exited the projector business, but this incredible company will continue to stand behind the warranty’s of their great projectors. There is nothing available at this quality, at this price! So, we are please to announce that we have a selection of Hitachi/Maxell Projectors in stock! Make sure to hit the “My Price?” button on the product page to receive a personalized price!

Did You Know?

Did you know that a LED Video Wall isn’t much more than a projector setup!

A Christie D13WU-HS HD DLP Solid State Projector (Black) Costs $22,970.00!

A 9’ H x 16’ W ShadowBox Clarion Fixed Projection Screen Costs $2,419.00!

Projector + Mount + Screen + Installation = estimated cost of $26,500

How Much Would A LED Video Wall Cost?

LED Video Wall

A beautiful 2.9 Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall with installation would cost approximately $32,550 (Location and conditions may affect price) for 45 Panels at 8.2” H x 14.76′ W.

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