Church Lighting by Springtree

Beautifully Colorful!

This Little Light of Mine

RGBW LED Recessed Lighting that is DMX Controllable, Low-Voltage, and features Beautiful Dimming! We offer a risk free demo program to try them out in your venue!

$89.95 each

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volunteer friendly!

DMX Wall Stations

DMX Control Stations are the easiest way to control your lights for everyday use! All your favorite scenes are at your fingertips, you just have to press a button. DMX Control Stations are the perfect solution for volunteer heavy facilities, like churches, schools, and theaters. They are easy to install and program, and are expandable to satellite stations. Springtree Control Stations are easier to use, and half the price of any other.


LED Wash For Worship!

Powerfully Bright, Compact and Light

The Spatial Wash COB RGBW is a high quality, lightweight fixture that beautifully washes a stage. They are a popular option because they offer a powerful output at an affordable price! You are receiving quality, with each fixture being powered by a top-notch COB LED engine. The Spatial Wash COB RGBW has an impressive long throw that blends together beautifully when in multiples, while being able to make thousands of vibrant colors. 

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Gotta Split It!

It is always a good idea to split DMX! It isolates your DMX chains, which means it isolates any potential problems. You are not suppose to daisy chain more than 32 fixtures together, but the more you can separate your runs, the easier the install, and the easier it is to service your fixtures in the future. Luckily, we offer great splitters at a great price.

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