Springtree LED Video Wall

What Makes Our LED Wall Different!

An LED Video Wall is a major investment in the latest technology. With Springtree Media Group, You are never alone! Every Springtree Video Wall comes with complete service training, extra parts, and extra modules for easy maintenance. We want to be completely upfront about this: any company that tells you that their video wall is maintenance free is being disingenuous. We have all seen the non-responsive panels on digital billboards or at an airport. Don’t let this deter you!  Our service is simple and fast. At Springtree Media, we make sure of this!

The Best Components!

Springtree Video Walls are designed with brilliant Nationstar LEDs and powered by NovaStar sending and receiving cards for top-notch quality. Among our diverse panel options, our favorites are those with magnetic front-load modules, making module replacement a breeze. We even include a vacuum extraction tool for quickly swapping modules.

Serviced Completely In The USA!

There is no dealing with foreign techs or waiting for service parts to arrive from China. And, there is no need to send modules back to China to have them serviced. With Springtree, you are never alone. We service all Springtree Video Walls in-house and carry all the parts on hand to get you up and operational as soon as possible!

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How Much Does Our Video Wall Cost?

As little as $9,494 for 15-panel wall. Call or enquire below for a quote on the screen size that is perfect for you.


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