Springtree Media Group is a collective of individuals who want to add value to our world, we just happen to run an AV company.

Our in house brand is Springtree LED.

The Elimination Of Complexity

With Springtree LED, we decided to streamline things. We have intentionally gone against the grain, with its catalogs of thousands of nearly identical products, and simplified our product line. We offer just one bulletproof Wireless DMX Solution and only a handful of stage lighting fixtures.

Less is more. Look at our Wall Stations and LED House Lighting. You will see products that are easier to use, look better, and are half the price of other solutions.

Simplicity In Action

Good Stewardship

We do not have a sales culture, we have a partnership culture. Our goal is to connect you to the best solutions to solve your problems. To ensure this, we offer our sales team a 0% commission on sales. This way, there will never be any incentive to sell you things you do not need.

Other Ways We Save You Money!

We sell directly to the end user, which means we don’t inflate our prices to give resellers a large margin to sell our products. 

On other brands (and we carry a lot), we offer low personalized prices. Just click the red “My Price?” button on the product page, and you will see what we mean!

Our Story

Believe it or not, we started out as a play publishing company back in 1999. After a successful release of a musical called “A Porcelain Christmas,” one thing led to another, and before we knew it, we found ourselves selling and installing theatrical lighting. The rest, as they say, is history.  

Southern Exposure Magazine did a write up on us a few years back with more details on our story.  Check it out if you have a minute.

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Our Passion Project

We want to change the way the world is illuminated! So, we designed a system that is safe and easy to install. It is powerfully bright, energy-efficient, versatile, and incredibly affordable. It includes LED Pendants and Recessed LEDs for house lighting, and modules for retrofitting existing fixtures. It also features 0-100% DMX Dimming.

Lo-Vo changes everything! Lo-Vo means low-voltage, and it’s the brilliance behind our new system!

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Microphones for Water

Microphones for Water is where we took two of our most popular products, the Premium Headworn Microphone and The Over-Ear Microphone, and turned them into a fundraising device. Springtree microphones are popular because they cost half the price of a Countryman, are more comfortable to wear and sound better! For every microphone sold, we donate $20 to Living Water International to help fund their water projects. We want to say a big thank you to every incredible customer who has contributed throughout the years!

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