What Is It?

Lo-Vo is the most affordable and safe way to beautifully illuminate a venue with DMX controllable LEDs.

Beautifully illuminating your venue has never been this affordable! Lo-Vo is a versatile architectural lighting system that allows you to illuminate your space however you want to with full-color or warm white LED fixtures that are fully dimmable and controllable by zones. 

  • Smooth, Even Coverage Of Lights
  • Vibrant Color Creation
  • Natural Feeling Warm Whites
  • Interchangeable Fixtures For Optimal Flexibility

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How Does It Work?


Lo-Vo means low-voltage, and it’s the brilliance behind our new system! We wanted to create a versatile lighting system that any handy person could install themselves. To do so safely, we knew we had to make our system low-voltage but engineer it to meet our high standards of quality: such as full 0-100% DMX dimming and powerful brightness. The result is a professional system that is safe to install yourself. You can touch a live low-voltage cable and never even feel it, making for a safe installation.

Fixtures are powered and controlled via a Lo-Vo Power Driver.

Why Lo-Vo?

  • Huge energy savings! You will barely notice your meter move.
  • Fixtures feature full 0-100% DMX dimming!
  • Fixtures are cool to the touch with no moving parts, for a long fixture life!
  • Lo-Vo fixtures are installed with affordable low-voltage wire. Not having to hire an electrician to run expensive armored cable will save you a fortune!
  • Most states do not require you to pull a permit for low-voltage installations.
  • Great performance shouldn’t cost more, Lo-Vo fixtures are affordable!
  • Lo-Vo systems are very safe for a handy person to install themselves

No more expensive armored cable!

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