RGB LED Color Mixing!

RGB LEDs are fixtures that have individual red, green, and blue LEDs. So with an RGB fixture, to make other colors you have to mix those three up in different ratios. Don’t worry, it is super easy! Just watch our video or reference the guide below. 

Watch The Video!

To make

  • White: All colors at full brightness
  • Orange: Red at full brightness, green just a little under half way, and no blue
  • Light Blue: Red at around 30 percent of brightness, green up high at 80 percent, and blue at full brightness
  • Hot Pink: Red at 90 percent brightness, no green, and blue at 40 percent of brightness
  • Light Pink: Red at 90 percent of its intensity, green and blue at 50 percent
  • Purple: Red and blue are all the way up, with green at 60 percent
  • Pink Purple: Red at full brightness, green at 30, and blue at 90
  • Brown: Too hard, don’t even try, plus why would you want to make a brown? 

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