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What Is DMX? A Simplified Guide.

A simplified guide to dmx

Understanding DMX Lighting DMX is a simple protocol language primarily designed for controlling theatrical lighting. Ok, I lost some of you already. If you have an LED light that accepts DMX, you can control all of its functions with a DMX controller. DMX Cables DMX runs on DMX cable and is terminated with a 5-pin […]

The Missing LINK

ADJ’s Link DMX Console For years, lighting designers and event companies have been faced with limited options when considering which lighting controller would be optimal for their particular venue. The decision is usually between simplistic hardware devices with not very many channels, software solutions or the more large format consoles. Through extensive research and development, […]



ChamSys’ MagicQ operating system is known for its simplicity. It was designed to have an intuitive workflow. Consoles running MagicQ can complete tasks in a fraction of the time of most other lighting consoles, and it was the first time we would recommend a console over software for most of our clients. So the crazy fact […]


Never Use 0-10 Volt Dimming! *our rant begins at 2:40 How it started- It has been our experience that many engineers copy and paste from project to project to simplify their process, with the result being the standardization of a terrible product. 0-10v began during the transition from traditional architectural dimming of incandescent lighting to […]

Obsidian VS. ChamSys!

We asked lighting techs their preference on the new Obsidian series of lighting controllers compared to the popular ChamSys, and this is their candid answers. Warning, when techs talk gear, often the conversation can be unproductive.  Justin: Never heard of obsidian brand. The question should be how hard will it be to 1. Find some one […]

Elation Buys M-Series from Martin!

There has been a lot of shuffling of lighting controller companies lately. Elation used to distribute the smaller end of Hog series for High End Systems until ETC purchased High End Systems. ETC had purchased High End Systems to compensate for their own lighting line’s weakness when it came to intelligent lighting. Then Chauvet purchased […]

Can You Use XLRs Instead Of DMX Cable?

Will Microphone Cable work for DMX? It might. For short runs with a minimal amount of fixtures you probably will not have any problem using regular XLRs, though we definitely advise against this!  Why you should use DMX Cables Your typical XLR cable has an impedance of 80 ohms compared to a DMX cable’s 120. […]