The Missing LINK

ADJ’s Link DMX Console

For years, lighting designers and event companies have been faced with limited options when considering which lighting controller would be optimal for their particular venue. The decision is usually between simplistic hardware devices with not very many channels, software solutions or the more large format consoles. Through extensive research and development, ADJ has answered that conundrum by filling the gap with their brand new console, the LINK. 

The LINK provides the best of all worlds integrating a sleek and simple console with an intuitive, easy to use interface application you can run through your own iPad. It offers comprehensive four universe DMX control options that make it perfect for your smaller to medium sized venues such as houses of worship, clubs, and community theaters. It’s features are simple enough to use, yet allows for full creative expression from designers of all levels. What’s more is that it is especially ideal for new lighting designers as an entry point system to learn and grow.

With the capabilities of many useful functions such as creating complex movements and color chase effects to storing programmed scenes and shows that can be accessed with ease, the LINK has everything a designer needs to create a dynamic production. One particularly useful function is the ability to remove the iPad from the console to control lighting remotely. With this feature, the designer is able to view and adjust their lighting rig from multiple angles without being stuck behind the board. It also features a private stand-alone WiFi network between iPad and hardware making it reliable even in heavy RF areas.

Whether you’re a seasoned design veteran or just getting started in the industry, the LINK is a great option for any designer. For more details and specifications, click here. If you’d like to see what the LINK can do for you, feel free to give us a call. We’d love to chat!

Thanks for reading and may you always find your light!

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