Dimming Is Dead!

Well, let me clarify. Dimming as we knew it is dead. Lighting, as with all technology, has vastly changed and improved in the last few decades. No longer do we rely on the enormous, energy guzzling monstrosities that turned spaces and stages alike into furnaces. Most venues have transitioned to the ease and efficiency of LED lighting. Companies that haven’t innovated and are still pushing their antiquated 96-channel dimming systems are being left in the dust.

Typical LEDs cannot be dimmed by regulating the flow of electricity. Reducing the flow of electricity to an LED would leave it unchanged until it abruptly cuts off. Philips Color Kinetics’ innovations in LED lighting introduced a more manageable and consistent form of LED dimming technology that relies on a pulse rather than resisting electricity. This paved the way for LEDs to be utilized more universally in a multitude of venues from homes to professional entertainment. 

While LEDs are certainly becoming standard in most spaces, there is still a desire for the more traditional lighting from those who are partial to the more warm, nostalgic feel. Chandeliers, wall sconces and edison bulbs create an ambience that many designers, proprietors and homeowners seek. So there is still a definite need for your traditional dimmers.

We recently worked on a job that utilized both traditional incandescent dimming for chandeliers, and RGBW LED house lighting. To integrate both systems, we made use of a Lightronics dimming unit. We highly recommend Lightronic’s AR602 and AR1202 architectural dimmer units. Lightronics is a company that we have partnered with since our beginning. In fact, it was the first brand we ever sold. In all the years we have been selling Lightronics, we have never had one of their dimmer units break on us. They are a brand you can trust and we stand behind their products 100%. If you would like more information about how you can integrate Lightronics into your preexisting or future space, please reach out and contact us. We’d love to chat!

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