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The MagicQ MQ250M from Chamsys is almost like… well, magic!

I am not a lighting designer by profession, but after seeing the newest console release from Chamsys, I am seriously considering a career change just to get my hands on this baby. The MagicQ MQ250M Stadium Console is just about the sleekest, sexiest thing to grace the lighting booth since the automated dimmer. Not only […]



ChamSys’ MagicQ operating system is known for its simplicity. It was designed to have an intuitive workflow. Consoles running MagicQ can complete tasks in a fraction of the time of most other lighting consoles, and it was the first time we would recommend a console over software for most of our clients. So the crazy fact […]


QuickQ is ChamSys’ powerful lighting console designed to be intuitive! It’s called QuickQ because it’s quick to set up exciting lighting shows which includes patching fixtures! Adding new fixtures to some consoles is so hard that it makes you want to pull your hair out(that’s why Peter is bald in the picture above)! We’ve been […]

Obsidian VS. ChamSys!

We asked lighting techs their preference on the new Obsidian series of lighting controllers compared to the popular ChamSys, and this is their candid answers. Warning, when techs talk gear, often the conversation can be unproductive.  Justin: Never heard of obsidian brand. The question should be how hard will it be to 1. Find some one […]

New ChamSys Console!

Learning Curve for Lighting Consoles Lighting consoles are notoriously complicated to learn for non professionals, though they expedite the process of design and running shows once you learn their workflow. ChamSys’ MagicQ software (which is used on all their current consoles) is intuitive, and relatively simple to learn compared to other consoles, but still a […]