Obsidian VS. ChamSys!

We asked lighting techs their preference on the new Obsidian series of lighting controllers compared to the popular ChamSys, and this is their candid answers. Warning, when techs talk gear, often the conversation can be unproductive. 

Justin: Never heard of obsidian brand. The question should be how hard will it be to 1. Find some one to run it and 2. How hard will it be to get profiles. The MQs are back and forth compatible and the difference between the 60 and the 80 is really the universes count.

  • Thomas: Obsidian is the new version of the M-Series line of consoles that Elation now offers to the public and inside they now have more internal processor power than ever! If you know how to run the M-Series line than you know how to run the Obsidian line.
  • James: Learn something new every day. But if you’re going to rent it out or get someone to run it, how many people can do that?
  • Jonathan: Most skip M-series and go hog or MA
  • Justin: Yeah, that is true. I first got certified on hog3 then Strand then Chamsys, and in a few weeks Ion. I don’t know anyone with a Martin bird in the DFW area. The people I know use light jockey on a oc in small churches. I am not ragging on the board it just seemed like an uncommon board.
  • Matthew: The Dallas Stars run on the ONYX software using an M6 console.
  • Bobby: In the DFW area… We use Onyx at our small church north of Frisco, with an M-Touch and M-Play (and are getting an NX Wing next year). I’m aware of a large church in Plano that uses an M2PC. For rental, I believe Christie Lights carries the M2GO.
    Now you know a few

Michael: Obsidian would be my preference

Sky: Same! Both are good consoles. Chamsys – British thinking, Obsidian – Danish thinking. I prefer the Obsidian

  • Mathew: Its more German/Belgium/Canadian!
  • Sky: True!

Edward: Never used or heard of obsidian, only ever used Chamsys desks, and would recommend to anyone just cause of ease of use, features, and support from Chamsys

George: The hardware of Obsidian is better than Chamsys (internally computer, monitor, buttons etc) software is subjective

John: The NX2 is a very well-built board with great specs. It has a lot going for it and I wish Elation lots of success. Martin controllers were always a bit of a niche product. Maybe they will get a bit more recognition now. The software bus is a very personal choice. Download it and have a play. I feel that they really need an integrated 3d vis though. ChamSys, Avolites and MA all have and you can bet that new Hog will do now that ETC own them.

Joyce: They’re all good consoles. Can’t go wrong with either. For me the real question is which system/software you prefer and works best for you and your needs. If you prefer the Chamsys software, go with the best console of theirs that fits your budget. If you prefer the Onyx system, get one of their consoles in your budget.

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