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LED House Lighting is now more affordable and safer to install!  Low-Voltage (Lo-Vo) means no more expensive armored cable. It means huge energy savings. It means completely silent fixtures, with a long life of high performance. It means smooth 0-100% DMX dimming. It means a warm, natural white and thousands of vibrant colors. This is Lo-Vo, and it changes everything!

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LED House Lighting

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Receive high quality house lighting that is affordable and simple to use. The Spatial Flat system is a DMX Controllable, Recessed LED Lighting System with smooth dimming and vibrant color creation. They work perfectly with our DMX Wall Stations for easy control of your house lighting throughout your venue. They allow you to save your favorite scenes, such as different colors and brightness levels and access them with the simple press of a button. 

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Springtree LED is our in-house brand, but we also sell most other major AV brands. However, you will quickly realize that you can not purchase any products from these other AV brands on our website. You can only click the “My Price?” button on each product page to fill out an enquiry form. This allows us to give you a low personalized price without violating MAP. MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price, and it’s the lowest price online retailers can list a product for.

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