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LED House Lighting

LED Spatial Pendants

From $469.95

LED House Lighting

Spatial Flat Pendant 50Watt

From $129.95
From $269.95

Stage Lighting

RGBWA 120Watt Silent Par


LED House Lighting

Spatial Pendants

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DMX Recessed LEDs

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The Best Over-Ear Microphone!

We offer three incredible headworn microphones in increasing quality; The Over-Ear, The Premium, and the Springtree Flagship.

  • Omnidirectional Microphones with a clear, natural sound
  • So comfortable that you will forget you are even wearing them
  • Two include a dual-ear attachment
  • Incredibly affordable! Our microphones are a fraction of the price of other comparable microphones. 
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Springtree’s Pro

LED Fresnel

Finally, a powerful and professional LED fresnel that is affordable!

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  • We create products that are easier to use, better looking, and half the price of comparable products.
  • In addition to manufacturing, we carry most other pro-audio, lighting, and video lines; and can get you low prices on all your essential gear.
  • We care! We are here to help you with any problems that may arise.
  • We offer our sales team 0% commission on any sales. This way, there will never be any incentive to sell you things you do not need.
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Knowledge Base

The Springtree LED Knowledge Base is the place to learn the ins and outs of Springtree products, how to order, and the answers to the most asked questions we receive. You will also find a slew of helpful articles and guides to help you create beautiful lighting.


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  • Helpful Lighting Guides and Articles
  • Springtree Manuals
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