DMX Wall Stations

SM-8 Master Station

Preset 8 Scenes With Built-in Fade Times


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SS-8 Satellite Station

Connect Up To 5 Satellite Stations Per Master Station


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SS-8RC Satellite Station

Remote Control Satellite Station


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SS-2 Satellite Station

A 2-Button Satellite Station


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SM-8IF Master Station

RS-232 to DMX &

Contact Closure Control


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SM-16 Master Station

Preset 16 Scenes With Built-in Fade Times


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DMX Desk Stations

SM-8 Switch

No Installation Required


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Dimming Wall Stations


Control One DMX Channel


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Control Five Consecutive DMX Channels


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Easily Run Cable To Satellite Stations In Opposite Directions


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Console Toggle Switch

Turn On and Off DMX Data Being Sent From Your Controller


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