DMX Control Stations Knowledge Base

Can the wall station record chases?

A DMX Wall Station can not record chases. They are essentially DMX snapshot recorders that record static scenes.

What I Do If My Computer Sends Out a DMX Signal?

Wall Stations become inoperable whenever they sense DMX coming from the console. So when you need to use your console for a service/event, your light show won’t be ruined by someone clicking a Wall Station button.

Many computers running lighting software will continuously send out a DMX signal, making your Wall Station inoperable. Shutting down and closing out of your lighting software should solve this problem. If you are wanting to keep your computer up and running while using Wall Stations, we offer a Console Toggle Switch for $39.95. Console Switches are just an easy to use switch that allows your manually switch control back-and-forth between your computer and Wall Station.

How Many Wall Stations Can I Use?

The SM-8 Wall Station and the SM-8 Switch can both support up to 5 Satellite Stations via Cat5.

Why Is My Wall Station Not Recording?

The most likely reason is that your Wall Station is not receiving DMX. If you are in program mode, and the light is GREEN, your Wall Station is not receiving DMX. There are two things to consider;

  1. Is your wall station the first thing in your DMX chain out of your console?
  2. Make sure your connections are good going in to the phoenix connector, double check that pins 2 and 3 are not backwards. A RED light will illuminate when the unit is receiving DMX.

Do I Need A Lighting Console?

DMX Wall and Desk Stations require a console for programming, but can work independently once programmed. Dimming Wall Stations do not require the use of a controller.


What’s the Difference Between Model Numbers?

SM-8 = 8 Scene Master DMX Wall Station

SS-8 = 8 Scene Satellite DMX Wall Station

SS-8RC = 8 Scene Remote Control Satellite DMX Wall Station

SM-16 = 16 Scene Master DMX Wall Station

SS-2 = 2 Scene Satellite DMX Wall Station

SM-8 Switch = 8 Scene Master DMX Desk Station

WallDim1 = Standalone DMX Controller, Controls One DMX Channel

WallDim5 = Standalone DMX Controller, Controls Five Consecutive DMX Channels

SM-8IF = 8 Scene Master DMX Wall Station With Contact Closure Control

What are desk stations?

The SM-8 Switch is a Desk Station.

Desk Stations are self-contained DMX Control Stations that can sit flat on a tech table. They don’t require any installation while also being expandable to up to 5 Satellite Stations via Cat5.

The SM-8 Switch features a built-in switch for changing DMX control from itself and connected Satellite Stations back to a console/computer, and back again.

How to Program

  1. Hold down buttons 1 and 8 to enter programming mode (light will turn red).
  2. Set desired look on lighting console.
  3. Press desired preset button 1-8. Light will flash. Scene is stored.
  4. Set new look on lighting console.
  5. Press another unused button or record over existing scene by selecting button. Up to 8 scenes can be recorded.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Hold down buttons 1 and 8 to exit programming mode.