Springtree Wireless DMX | Transmitter and Receiver System


    A Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver System! (each sold separately)

    We are very proud to present the Springtree Wireless DMX System. Designed for applications where you need the very best! Small but mighty, the Springtree system is the only wireless DMX system we would use on a permanent installation.

    What are they?

    The wireless system is made up of two products. A transmitter (with a 3-pin male XLR end) and a receiver (with a 3-pin female XLR end). Power them up via the included power supply, then plug the transmitter into your lighting controller’s DMX output, and receiver into your light’s input. It’s that easy! They have a 150-foot range.

    Multiple receivers can be used with one transmitter. We have run a permanent installation using 50 receivers with a single transmitter, but you can go even higher. Each Transmitter and Receiver has 16 available ID’s, so multiple systems can be running at the same time. Just press the button to match the ID on the transmitter and receiver.

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