Return Policy

A “Return Policy” often defines a company- who they are, how they intend to do business. Unfortunately, we have become a society that buys and returns with little thought added to the mix. This is mostly the fault of the large commerce sites that make it easy to buy and even easier to return. Remember, someone has to pay for all those returns- and that is all of us, in the form of higher prices. At Springtree Media Group, we refuse to do business like this. Our associates are field experienced, and available to discuss and answer your questions. They are never hurried, never on commission, and have no incentive to sell anything. In fact, in describing what we do at Springtree, I often say that we do not sell anything; We just connect people with the best tools to accomplish their task.

If we did not do our job correctly and what you ordered did not accomplish the task, we will gladly take it back.  If you just ordered something and asked no questions, we assume you did all of the research.  We may take it back and we might not.  A restocking fee of 0 to 20% may apply depending on the nature of the item.  In doubt?  Call and ask first. For most substantial orders consisting of larger quantities, we offer a demo program where you can buy a sample quantity at a reduced price with a full refund guarantee. That way you know if it’s going to work for you.  If it does, you just saved some money…if it doesn’t, send it back for a full refund. You can find the individual offers listed on the product description pages.  

Returns are not accepted on personal use items such as over-ear microphones or earbuds.

Did it arrive defective or broken?  We will make it right- immediately and on our dime.  Has an item failed within the warranty period?  We will do everything we can to remedy the situation. Different manufacturers offer different warranties, so ask before you buy. Bottomline:  We want our customers happy and will do every reasonable thing we can to ensure this. If you prefer to just order online with no interaction, then we are probably not your best choice.

Peter Vaque

CEO Springtree Media Group