Wall Station Installation Guide

DMX Wall Station Lighting Controller

Wall Stations are the easiest way to control your lights for everyday use.

They can record 8 DMX static scenes for easy playback.
The SM-8 is the master Wall Station. The videos below will show you how to install an SM-8.
Satellite Stations (SS-8s) offer you additional control points around your venue. They connect to an SM-8 via CAT5.

The Installation Guide below should give you a good overview of installing a Wall Station. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 615-599-1505, and we would be glad to help!

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Wall Station Connections

Wall Station Mounting

Wall Stations come with a single gang low-voltage ring. They will not fit in a standard single gang box. Should you need to mount in a metal enclosed handy box please use a Raco 670RAC box (Pictured below, not included).

Powering The Wall Station Part 1

*In this video, we show you one method of grounding the SM-8.  Watch the video “How To Ground Your Wall Station” to see us connecting the shield to ground.

The SM-8 (Master) Wall Station comes with a standard 12V power supply. Satellite Stations are powered via the RJ45 CAT5 connection and do not require an additional power source.

Before plugging your power supply in, be sure the source voltage in your area matches the voltage required for your lighting setup. Because line voltage may vary from venue to venue, be sure your unit voltage matches the wall outlet voltage before attempting to operate.

Connecting DMX

Plug Your Wall Station In

Grounding The Unit

*To avoid voiding your warranty, make sure you properly ground your new SM-8.

This video shows how we use the shield wire of the extra DMX cable we ran for power to ground the SM-8. Watch the previous “Power The Wall Station” video again for clarification on proper grounding at the SM-8 side. There are different ways to ground your unit. If you have a question, please give us a call at 615-599-1505.

Use the whip you cut off from the back of your Wall Station to ground to the outlet you are plugging the power supply into. 

Some Additional Information

Additional Info In Video

  • Connecting To Satellite Stations
  • Installing Next To A Junction Box

Powering and Grounding The Wall Station Part 2

*To avoid voiding your warranty, make sure you properly ground your new SM-8.

Use the whip you cut off from the back of your Wall Station to ground to the outlet you are plugging the power supply into. Watch the video for reference. 

Programming the Wall Station

How To Program

  1. To enter programming mode, hold buttons 1 and 8 down simultaneously until the LED on the SM-8 turns RED. (If the LED turns green, you are in programming mode, but DMX is not present, and no scenes can be recorded.)
  2. Set desired look on lighting console.

  3. Press desired preset button 1-8. Light will flash. Scene is stored.

  4. Set new look on lighting console.

  5. Press another unused button or record over existing scene by selecting button.

  6. Repeat until all 8 scenes are recorded.

  7. Hold down buttons 1 and 8 simultaneously until the LED on the SM-8 turns Pink to exit programming mode.

Hold down buttons 2 and 7 simultaneously until the LED on the SM-8 turns yellow to enter fade rate programming mode.  Press button 1 for 1 second. 2 for 2 seconds. 3 for 3 seconds. 4 for 4 seconds and 8 for instant (no fade rate). Hold down 2 and 7 simultaneously to exit program mode.

Do You Need A Toggle Switch?

Once programmed, DMX Wall Stations can work independently or with a lighting console. Wall Stations become inoperable when they sense DMX data from a console. However, some computers running lighting control software always send out DMX data. Console Toggle Switches solve this problem by letting you switch on and off DMX data sent from your computer/console. You merely insert the Console Toggle Switch in the line of the DMX going from your console to your Wall Station.

*Another option with a DMX On/Off switch is the SM-8 Switch. It is a master desk station with a built-in DMX On/Off switch.

Important Info

Safety Precautions

  • To reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do not expose this unit to moisture.
  • Be sure that the local power outlet matches that of the required voltage for your unit.
  • Do not attempt to operate this unit if the power cord has been frayed or broken. Do not attempt to remove or break off the ground prong from the electrical cord. This prong is used to reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire in case of an internal short.
  • Disconnect from main power before making any type of connection.
  • This fixture is intended for indoor use ONLY!


Master Unit Not Responding:

  1. Check that the 12V power supply is plugged in and connected to the SM-8.
  2. Check that the DMX cables are connected properly and are wired correctly.
  3. Is the SM-8 receiving DMX from the controller? DMX from the controller will override the SM-8.

Satellite Unit Not Responding:

  1. Check that the CAT5 cable is connected from the SM-8 to the SS-8.
  2. Check that the SM-8 is powered up.

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