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600 MHz Wireless Microphones and In-Ear Monitors Are Now Officially Illegal!

It’s Finally Here The big change in wireless system operations was implemented this summer when the deadline for operating any wireless devices on the 600MHz frequency expired. This had been a gradual transition since the Broadcast Incentive Auction in April of 2017 by the FCC. As a result, beginning on July 13, 2020 the FCC […]

Sanitizing Your Microphones

Disinfection and cleanliness have been quite the prevailing topic of discussion in the industry currently. Your AV team is most likely considering the best way to guard your equipment from disease and contagion. While there might be many differing opinions on the best measures to take to prevent the spread of germs and illness, there […]


The Shure QLXD4 Shure’s QLXD4 is a wireless digital microphone system that simplifies great sound. It is the system we recommend when the budget and purpose justify it. While it is on the affordable spectrum of Shure’s high end wireless systems, at a MAP of $999, multiples add up quickly. WHAT DOES THAT BUY YOU? […]


Incredible Products at a Fraction Of The Price- That Is What Springtree LED is All About!  We love products that are better, simple to use, and cost less. It is hard to find something that is all three, and thats what makes the CBM-5 a gem! The industry standard is three times as expensive, and […]

Airwave Dual Channel System-Product Review

I recently got to try out a dual channel AT-4210 handheld mic setup from Airwave Technologies. This is a very good budget friendly wireless mic. The receiver has some nice features, like channel search, squelch, and IR sync with the transmitter. It has battery, AF, and RF level meters. The transmitter is an all metal […]