Better and Cheaper than Countryman?

No one believes a $99 dollar Over-Ear Mic can be better than a $300 dollar Countryman, so we are raising the price of our flagship Over-Ear to $300 for you skeptics!

Ok, not really, but we understand why you are skeptical. The old saying, you get what you pay for is usually true! When you cut corners on sound, the result is clear. 

But, when you purchase our short-boom over-ear microphone, you aren’t getting something thats good for the price, you are getting something better for $200 less! 

So, for the price of one Countryman, you get 3 incredible over-ear microphones, though that’s not entirely true. We offer bundle pricing on purchases of 3 or more. So 3 Springtree Over-Ear microphones (at the time of this blogpost) would cost you a cool $252. One year warranty included (watch video for details.)


Purchasing expensive Over-Ears isn’t a bad idea, if you have deep pockets. DPA microphones are incredible! They sound rich and vibrant, which is reflected in their cost. All head-worn microphones break. I repeatyou will break your over-ear microphone at some point! When you are performing or speaking, at some point you are going to forget that you are wearing a small fortune around your ear, and yank the cable in the wrong way, or damage the capsule. Years and years of owning a rental house and working with theaters and churches has taught us the truth of this! So owning an affordable mic is the sustainable solution.

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