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Why Does My Video Wall Look Bad On Camera? – Overcoming the Moiré Effect

overcoming the moire effect

Having Video Wall Blues You’ve just acquired a video wall, and it looks awesome in person! You can’t wait to show it off, so you take out your phone to capture a video, and then you notice something peculiar. Your video wall doesn’t look good on camera. It’s covered with strange lines and patterns. This […]

Selecting Your Church’s Video Wall

church video wall panel

So, you’ve decided to start looking for a Church Video Wall. Where do you start? The Purpose A good starting point is the purpose. What is the purpose of an LED Video Wall? Is it because you are trying to keep up with the megachurch down the street? Hopefully not. You are probably looking for […]

Meet The RGBlink mini-mx

What is the RGBlink? The RGBlink mini-mx is an all-in-one streaming production mixer. Is It Better Than a Blackmagic? No. But it may be better for you! If you have followed us for a while, you know we are big Blackmagic ATEM fans. Blackmagic completely shattered the price wall for incredible quality, professional video gear. […]

Why Use a Fresnel Light?

why use fresnal lighting

Named after its inventor, Augustin-Jean Fresnel, these lights have been a cornerstone in stage lighting for decades, providing a soft, controllable glow that enhances performances and captivates audiences, but what is a fresnel, and when should you use them? Quick Facts Fresnel: pronounced fruh-nel The fresnel lens was originally created for use in a lighthouse. […]

Allen & Heath’s CQ Series

Allen & Heath CQ mixers

In today’s inflationary climate, something has become exceedingly rare: being surprised by how affordable a product by another manufacturer is. And that is why we were so excited to learn about Allen & Heath’s newest digital mixer lineup, the CQ series. At around $1,000, you get a small compact digital mixer packed with incredible features. […]

LED Hanging Lights

led hanging lights

LED Hanging Lights can mean many different things to different people, from elegant, minimalistic LEDs at a trendy restaurant to industrial lights in a warehouse. Nowadays, many office buildings feature sharp-looking LED Pendant Bars like the one pictured above. The Problem With Most LED Hanging Lights The above fixture is not a Springtree fixture but […]