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Allen & Heath’s CQ Series

Allen & Heath CQ mixers

In today’s inflationary climate, something has become exceedingly rare: being surprised by how affordable a product by another manufacturer is. And that is why we were so excited to learn about Allen & Heath’s newest digital mixer lineup, the CQ series. At around $1,000, you get a small compact digital mixer packed with incredible features. […]

LED Hanging Lights

led hanging lights

LED Hanging Lights can mean many different things to different people, from elegant, minimalistic LEDs at a trendy restaurant to industrial lights in a warehouse. Nowadays, many office buildings feature sharp-looking LED Pendant Bars like the one pictured above. The Problem With Most LED Hanging Lights The above fixture is not a Springtree fixture but […]

Understanding CRI & Color Temperature

understanding CRI and color temperature in lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in our everyday lives, but choosing the right lighting fixtures can be a daunting task, considering the multitude of technical terms and specifications involved. In this blog post, we will dive into understanding Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Color Temperature, unravel their significance, and how they impact our perception of […]

Introducing LightShark Lighting Consoles!

lightshark lighting console

What is LightShark? LightShark is a brand of lighting consoles now available at Springtree, and we are pretty big fans! LightShark lighting consoles mix great hardware with wireless, web-based control from any smart device. Two LightShark controllers are available: the LS-1 and LS-Core. What Are The Differences Between The Two Consoles? Both LightShark consoles feature […]

Meet ChamSys’ Incredible New Lighting Surface!

cham sys lighting

What Are The New ChamSys Connect Consoles? ChamSys’ Compact Connect consoles are control surfaces that work with a computer to create a powerful lighting, media, and LED control console. There are two models, the MagicQ Compact Connect and the MagicQ Compact Mini Connect. Why Is There So Much Excitement? ChamSys Connect Consoles are going to […]

How To Save and Recall Show Settings On The Soundcraft UI24r

Show Settings for Soundcraft UI24r

You just finished soundcheck and are about to take a short break before the show starts and wonder, “how do I save all my work!?” Well, this is how! Step by Step Walkthrough for Soundcraft UI24r Shows are a collection of snapshots and cues. They are like the folder you save your snapshots and cues in. […]