The Evolution of Evolution: A look at the new Sennheiser EW-D Wireless System

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Sennheiser has taken the next step in evolution with their new wireless system. The EW-D wireless system is here and we at Springtree Media are excited to continue our partnership with Sennheiser by upgrading our premium bundle from the EW 100 to the new EW-D system. The innovative new system utilizes the pristine sound of digital and combines it with the many advantages of RF wireless transmission through the UHF spectrum. They’ve completely stepped up their game. Rather than merely upgrading from their already existing G4 system, they’ve completely rethought their wireless system and created a product to address modern needs. The automatic setup provides everything you need straight out of the box to wirelessly capture audio for live music, presentations, or lecture series.

What comes with the EW100?

The standard system comes with a half rack receiver and either a body pack or handheld transmitter. It also comes with batteries included that will run your system for approximately 8 hours. The folks at Sennheiser suggest an upgrade to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that will extend your operating time to around 12 hours. It also comes with rackmount angles and a power supply.  Also included in the box are two quarter wave dipole antennas. These are standard, but Sennheiser offers options to upgrade to half wave or external antennas as accessories. Last but not least, the system also comes with free access to the Smart Assist app to operate the system through your cell phone or tablet.

There are many different options of the types of sets you can choose from depending on your event or venue:

  • Lavalier Set comes with choice of either the ME2 lavalier (omnidirectional microphone) or ME4 lavalier (cardioid microphone)
  • Handheld Set comes with an e 835 capsule
  • Combo Set comes with both the lavalier (only ME2) and the handheld transmitter
  • Headmic Set comes with an ME3 headmic
  • Instrument Set comes with a CI1 cable with a ¼ inch jack
  • Base Set 1 comes with a body pack and no lav mic
  • Base Set 2 comes with a handheld receiver with no capsule

Of course, you can choose to buy components and capsules individually to customize your system.

What are the primary differences between the EW 100 and EW-D?

  • It’s digital! The signal going from transmitter to receiver, instead of having to compress it as you do on an analog signal, stays in a better audio format so you get a better signal.
  • The Sennheiser EW-D wireless system has the highest dynamic range of anything on the market right now.
  • The addition of many more channels. Whereas the EW 100 has 32 channels, the EW-D has an impressive 90 channels. 
  • Smart Assist app connects via Bluetooth Low Energy for a streamlined setup and operation at a distance
  • Increased bandwidth and lowest latency of any system on the market
EW 100 G4EW-D
Selectable frequencies16802,240
TransmissionAnalog UHFDigital UHF
OperationLCD control panelSmart Assist mobile app


In an ideal situation, the system offers up to 100 meters (or 330 ft) between the receiver and transmitter. Of course, absorption, attenuation and congestion would always have to be factored in, but even 30 feet will be sufficient for most stage venues.


If you require more than a single microphone for your venue or event, the EW-D wireless system supports up to 90 channels that work alongside each other. Now, this is probably way more than you actually need, but the purpose is the utilization of the equidistant tuning grid. As opposed to the alternative, the equidistant tuning grid eliminates intermodulation that causes interference and drop-outs and allows you to use more wireless microphones in a dedicated space. With the abundance of channels, you can place your wireless mic channels in the equidistant tuning grid 600kH apart.

Notable features

  • Auto-scan- With this automatic setup, create the most reliable connections with the minimum time and effort.
  • Mute button override-  Another cool feature is the addition of a mute switch on the receiver side. From your app, you can override the mute switch on the microphone. So, if you have an absent-minded presenter or performer, you’ve got them covered from fumbling around trying to figure out how to turn the thing on again.
  • Rugged, durable construction- Every sound engineer’s worst nightmare is watching your expensive equipment slip from a careless performer or speaker’s hand to the hard ground. The EW-D is incredibly designed to withstand the most brutal treatment. Fear the stage dive no more!
  • Great price point! A top-of-line wireless system that fits your budget. At just under $600, you can’t beat the price for the quality you receive.

Smart Assist

Control has never been more versatile with the Smart Assist app that comes included with the system. With this app downloaded to your phone or tablet and connected through Bluetooth technology, you can configure, operate and manage the entire system from anywhere within range. Name your channels and give them colors for better organization. Use the auto-scan feature for easier set-up or you can opt to use the manual frequency scanner. You also have gain control, range indicators, battery life indicators are all right there in the app. In the event you need a little guidance, the app offers a support hub that highlights all the parts and procedures along with videos with tips and tricks and visual aids. Should you have issues with your device or they are unavailable for whatever reason, you can still operate the entire EW-D wireless system from the receiver end.

digital sound system with phone app


We are thrilled with this cutting edge system and are excited to bring you the highest quality product on the market. It’s extremely simple to use and very user friendly. If you’re looking for the best wireless system to outfit your venue or in search of an affordable upgrade, give us a call and we’ll talk to you about which system will best suit your needs.

Watch these videos to see the EW-D wireless system in action: Music and Performance, Business and Education

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