A New Direction with RF Venue’s Diversity Omni Antenna!

RF Venue has recently released their brand new Diversity Omni antenna. RF Venue has always been known as a leader in wireless distribution and the Diversity Omni doesn’t disappoint. Following the success of their Diversity Fin antenna, RF Venue raises the bar with this omnidirectional wireless antenna system. 

An All-Around Great Product

The Diversity Omni has a distinct advantage over its well-received predecessor. While the Diversity Fin is an excellent option for a narrow field of transmission, the Omni is designed for omnidirectional coverage ideally suited for multi-zone venues and outdoor events. So, if your production diverges from a traditional single stage format or your speaker likes to roam the audience, this is the choice for you. Or you might have a lot of moving parts in your production that could impede the signal from a directional antenna. You could avoid many of those challenges with the Omni. And while the operating frequency is higher with a directional antenna, since the higher frequencies are now illegal to operate on, it makes little difference. Just like the Fin, the Omni features both vertical and horizontal antennae to prevent dropouts and eliminate concerns over mic orientation which sets it apart from traditional omnidirectional antennas.

The Great Outdoors

Electronics and the elements, always a headache am I right? Well, the Diversity Omni seeks to mitigate your typical outdoor wireless hassles with its weather-resistant construction and protective covering. It includes simple protective coverings for the connectors and a durable cordura nylon cover. The Diversity Omni is the perfect choice for outdoor events such as festivals, theme parks, or sports venues. 

Simple Setup

The Diversity Omni antenna is offered with two turnkey bundle packages which include either the DISTRO4 or DISTRO9 HDR antenna distribution systems. The DISTRO4 provides 4-channel coverage while the DISTRO9 provides 9 channels. These packages also provide 2 25ft coaxial cables. All you need for set-up is to connect the A and B inputs from the antenna distribution system to the Diversity Omni and you’re good to go! Additionally, the Omni offers greater versatility in placement because of its compact design and because it’s one antenna as opposed to two separate antennas. 

We’ve always been a fan of RF Venue products and we’re excited to offer this fantastic new antenna! Not only does it feature cutting edge wireless technology, but (in our opinion) it just looks super sleek! If you’re looking for a wireless solution for your venue, give us a call and we can talk about the best option for your needs.

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