Make your holiday event shine! Four easy ways to light your holiday parties!

The holiday season is upon us and with it all the events and parties you can stomach. This means all the chaos and joy that comes with holiday design which invariably includes your lighting. Whether you’re decorating your sanctuary or planning a winter ball, there are some very simple ways to add that extra touch to make your project stand out. I’m going to lay out 4 easy things you can do to make your event shine.

uplighting designs

1. Uplighting

This is perhaps the single most effective technique you can utilize in any space. With a simple addition of a dozen or so battery powered LED pars, you can instantly add a compelling visual element to your space. You may add more depending on your space and the look you are aiming to achieve.  Not only do they make the space look better, but they are also cost efficient and portable making them applicable to nearly any event or venue you can imagine.

  • Place the units along the back of your stage to give it a more appealing look. 
  • You can also place them at the base of your surrounding walls for a more immersive experience for your guests or audience. It can also light the darker areas of your space where the other lighting may not reach. 
  • Another great way to utilize these lights is to highlight architectural structures or decor. Placing them below columns or carved reliefs is a great way to showcase the design already in whatever location you’re designing. If the space has drapes, these are fantastic spots to uplight.
  • Or strategically place them under decoration you’ve brought in. For example, if you hang wreaths around the room, an uplight below each will really make them pop. 

You can be creative with the colors of your uplights as most come in RGB and RGBAW options. You can even find units that feature UV light. Also play around with placing your lights behind cloth or other translucent material for a diffused effect.

These LED fixtures are a great all-around investment since you can easily transport them and set them up for multiple events. If you’d like to check out some options, take a look at our selection here.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is to make sure you have extra batteries and a charger on hand to switch out in case any of your units die during your event. If you’re decorating a space that may be seasonally temporary like a church building or the like, you can also opt for the wired versions.

2. Christmas lights

Of course, you can’t have a holiday party without Christmas lights. These strings of lights are incredibly versatile and can be used to great effect in your design plan. Aside from the typical use of lining your room or draping them across a dance floor or other space, there are many other ways you can use these lights. 

  • Add them to greenery either already in your space or brought in by you. 
  • Ball up a string at a time and place in clear jars or other containers for excellent centerpieces or accents. This works best with battery powered strings.
  • Create unique chandeliers by wrapping them around hula hoops
  • Place several strands behind sheer drapery for a unique diffused effect

Want a unique alternative to the typical Christmas light look? Consider LED tape like this. While typically these are better in more permanent venues, there are many ways you can utilize to make your project stand out. I plan on doing another article in the near future that goes more into depth on these products.

led rope lights

3. Pinspots

Pinspots are a great way to highlight your already exceptional decor. These mini spotlights are unobtrusive and easily mount to existing structures. Point them at featured tables or centerpieces. You can create solid pools of light or display unique patterns. Pinspots help to keep the guests’ focus on the tables and each other.

pin spots

There are many different companies that offer pinspots with various different features. You can find programmable models that allow you to change the color and tone of your lighting throughout your event if you want to add a dynamic element. There are many different beam angles so you can customize the size of your spots to your needs. You can even add customized gobos to add even more texture. We recommend checking out the PinPoint Go from American DJ for a high quality and cost efficient option. 

4. Projections & Gobos

You can utilize projectors and gobos in a variety of different ways to give your venue some added flavor and add that additional wow factor. 

projections and gobos
  • Find a holiday themed gobo and use your favorite lighting fixture to project onto the floor or walls. Here’s a fantastic site we recommend for your holiday gobos. Did I mention that we can help you design customized gobos to specifically suit your needs?
  • Pick a movie as a perfect backdrop for your party.
  • If you have the space in your venue to host a lounge in a separate room, you could play your favorite holiday movie for your guests. But it doesn’t even necessarily have to be the main focus point. You might consider projecting a movie in your main event room with the sound off just to add mood and ambience. 
  • You can also project slideshows or stationary graphics if you don’t want as much movement. Projectors provide a great way to showcase different images without relying on physical decorations or artwork. You can also experiment with projecting on different surfaces to enhance the experience more. This site is a great resource that addresses some considerations when projecting onto uneven surfaces. 
  • If you really want to maximize your projector’s potential, look into digital FX. AtmosFX has some great holiday themed effects that are sure to be a hit with your guests. From a dancing snowman to an animated stained glass nativity to a wintry snowfall, there are several extremely cool effects to choose from. 

I hope these ideas get your creativity flowing to make your holidays the most festive ever. We are always here to provide anything you need from top-of-the-line products to advice on what would make your event top notch. Feel free to give us a call and have a Merry Christmas!

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