When the Going Gets Rough, the Tough Make Stage Lights

American made stage lighting

We sure are living in a crazy time. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the past several months have been just a bit chaotic. Demand for products in all industries has continued to climb while supply is struggling to keep up and many companies just cannot meet the public’s needs in any reasonable amount of time. Backorders are commonplace with product delivery being delayed upwards of nearly a year! Amplifiers, for instance, are virtually impossible to get.

The Crazy Maker

Why all the turmoil? You can thank the shipping crisis and chip shortages for major brands being back-ordered. Hundreds of shipping containers at the time of this writing are simply sitting on crowded docks in ports all over the US and hundreds more are bobbing on freighters off the coast waiting to unload. Our current state of affairs can be traced to none other than, you guessed it, the pandemic. Due to factory shut-downs, products were initially delayed in manufacturing. Then, as the lockdowns relaxed and production went back online, there was a sudden influx of products that were all backed up in addition to a huge surge of online buying and it all needed to be shipped out immediately resulting in a massive traffic jam of shipping vessels. Add to that mess the shortage of truck haulers coming to get the cargo and the lack of communication of these privatized industries and you have a grade-A catastrophe. On top of the shipping mess, you have chip shortages that are making the manufacturing of certain gear all but impossible. 

The Innovation of Necessity 

The simple reason we created our own Professional LED Par was that no one had any in stock! 

Enter the Springtree Silent Par 1210. Like all Springtree LED products, we are proud that our newest fixture is incredibly affordable while delivering professional quality performance. It’s housed in a solid, heavy-cast aluminum chassis and, at 120 Watts, it produces a powerfully bright light. Why do we call it silent? Glad you asked! The 1210 is a fixed light that features induction cooling rather than fans so there are no moving parts. No moving parts=silent operation. It’s got a digital display and features 3 channel modes: 5, 6, or 9 channels. It also features RGBWA LEDs, the A standing for Amber which creates more natural-looking colors. Your 6-channel mode includes a dimmer which can control the intensity of your color mixes. It’s got a 25-degree beam angle and 3-pin DMX in/out and powercon in/out.

Thank you!

We are blessed beyond measure that we have so many products available. We really do give glory to God for His provision through this time. We are fortunate to be one of the few companies that continue to get products in and are able to deliver. We also know we couldn’t do this without you so a HUGE thank you to all our customers! We are grateful as always for your business.

Check out the video below for more on the Silent 1210 Par!

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