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Introducing Aida Imaging

With more and more productions turning to the live-stream format, it’s important to find the right equipment that will make your video stand out. You want something that is user-friendly and doesn’t compromise on video quality. Lucky for you we are pleased to announce the addition of the AIDA Imaging product line! Offering a series […]


QuickQ is ChamSys’ powerful lighting console, designed to be intuitive! It’s called QuickQ because it’s quick to set up exciting lighting shows, and that includes patching fixtures! Adding new fixtures to some consoles is so hard that it makes you want to pull your hair out! (that’s why Peter is bald in the video above) […]


The Shure QLXD4 Shure’s QLXD4 is a wireless digital microphone system that simplifies great sound. It is the system we recommend when the budget and purpose justify it. While it is on the affordable spectrum of Shure’s high end wireless systems, at a MAP of $999, multiples add up quickly. WHAT DOES THAT BUY YOU? […]

Biggest Mistakes Churches Make Live Streaming!

As Told by Church Techs: POOR LIGHTINGWe did not realize how bad our lighting would appear on video. What was completely passable in person, looked terrible online. Lighting is the most important aspect of video.  NO SENSE OF WHY We’ve found out that many people have no clear sense of purpose of why they even want […]


LED Video Panels are the Future LED Video Panels are the future of video presentation, and are becoming more and more common place. They are mesmerizingly bright and vivid, and can capture attention in a way traditional projection can’t. There are now professional options at a price point that make LED video walls attainable. American […]

Obsidian VS. ChamSys!

We asked lighting techs their preference on the new Obsidian series of lighting controllers compared to the popular ChamSys, and this is their candid answers. Warning, when techs talk gear, often the conversation can be unproductive.  Justin: Never heard of obsidian brand. The question should be how hard will it be to 1. Find some one […]

LED Ellipsoidal| Chauvet Ovation E-910FC Versus Elation’s Colour 5 Profile

We asked a group of technicians their opinions of the Chauvet Professional’s E-910FC versus Elation’s Colour 5 Profile to try and arrive at a consensus of what they believed would be the best buy for a color ellipsoidal since both are in a similar price range.  When techies talk about gear, a lot of the conversation can be unproductive. […]

Why You Don’t Need A Video Ministry!

Setting the Stage Franklin, 2008 A talented band came on stage and played contemporary Hillsong style worship, while high paced moving lights created an atmosphere of excitement. Afterwards, a charismatic, young pastor came on stage and delivered the welcome. When he was done, a giant screen descended and the projection system came to life. Andy […]