The Shure QLXD4

Shure’s QLXD4 is a wireless digital microphone system that simplifies great sound. It is the system we recommend when the budget and purpose justify it. While it is on the affordable spectrum of Shure’s high-end wireless systems, multiples add up quickly at a MAP of $999.


Radio frequencies are growing more and more congested. That is why systems with spectrum efficiency are a must! The QLXD4 simplifies your life by performing automatic channel sweeps to find free frequencies and streamlines this in multiple units. Multiples connected in a system can perform this sweep at the same time from a single transmitter. The QLXD4 offers 24-bit digital audio, which means high fidelity audio that will transmit the sound as clearly and accurately as it was produced. The build quality of the transmitter, body packs and handhelds feature that metal rugged tough quality that Shure is known for that ensures a long life of great performance.

System Features:

  • Professional-grade metal construction
  • 64 MHz of tuning bandwidth
  • Up to 17 compatible systems in 6MHz or 21 channels in 8MHz DTV range
  • Ethernet networking for control strings, firmware updates, Wireless Workbench 6 and ShurePlus Channels for iOS
  • Transmitter types include handheld and bodypack
  • Compatible with ULX-D boundary and gooseneck transmitters

When Good is Good Enough– We also offer a Sennheiser Bundle that is an incredible value! Enquire about multiples for a low price we can’t list online. Sennheiser’s Evolution Wireless System sounds great, and comes with a free Over-Ear Microphone that sounds better than microphones three times its price!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in creating a culture that never tries to sell. 

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