M32 Vs X32! Which Digital Console Is Better?

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Popular to love (and popular to hate), Behringer’s X32 is perhaps the best-selling digital console ever! The X32 is popular because it is packed full of features at an affordable price point and sounds good!

Midas and Behringer are both owned by a company called the Music Tribe. Midas had the reputation of being a premier sound engineering firm and Behringer purchased it for the power of that name. So, now you will find high-quality Midas Preamps on Behringer consoles like the X32.

The M32 was named to sound similar to the X32 to appear as the high-end version of their popular sister brand. So we asked sound engineers using the Music Tribe family of products in which ways is it similar and are the differences worth the extra cost?

Here is what they said!

If you already have the X32, you can pair it with a Midas DL-32 for the additional quality, but definitely M32 all day because of build quality, better transparency, and preamps.

Same firmware, but the M32 features a much more durable build quality!

M32’s Preamps sound way better! The X32 has preamps designed by Midas vs actual Midas Preamps. Noticeably better at higher gain levels.

The M32 features a much better build quality with a 7 years longer warranty.

We found this one interesting- Better to use sitting! The build of the M32 makes it much more accessible to use while sitting compared to the X32 which often requires standing to operate.


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Written by Matt Sopko, head technician at Springtree Media Group based in Franklin, Tennessee.

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