New I/O Boxes for the SQ and dLive!

Allen & Heath is all about providing a diverse range of I/O options for use with their incredible digital consoles. These are their two newest all-in-one expander units!

The DX012

MSRP: $1,499.00 MAP: $1,199.00

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The DX012 offers 12 XLR Outputs. Its outputs can be configured two ways! As 8 analogue + 4 stereo AES, or 4 analogue + 8 stereo AES outputs. A second unit can be cascaded, or a redundant connection can be made to compatible hardware.

Allen & Heath’s DX012 is a rack mountable 1U output expander for SQ and dLive consoles. It is a perfect solution for in-ear monitoring, or for the amplifier rack!

The GX4816

MSRP: $3,999.99 MAP: $3,599.99

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Maybe just because we are audio nerds, but we were really excited about the release of this unit! The GX4816 offers a high input count, making it the perfect stage box for use with SQ and dLive consoles! It connects to your console via a single Cat5 cable run. What is really cool is its new 2 DX ports that allow for further expansion, or for you to use with a ME personal mixing system.


  • 48 Mic Preamps on XLR with Phantom Power status LEDs
  • 16 XLR Line Outs
  • 96kHz operation
  • DX1 Port – compatible with a single DX32, or up to 2 DX168/DX164-W expanders
  • DX2/ME Port – compatible with a single DX32, up to 2 DX168/DX164-W expanders, or a ME personal monitoring system.
  • Compatible with SQ and dLive (firmware 1.9 onwards) systems
  • Multiple GX4816 can be added to a system:
    • Up to 2 GX4816 units can be added to a SQ system
    • Up to 5 GX4816 units can be added to a dLive S Class system
    • Up to 3 GX4816 units can be added to a dLive C Class system
  • Rack-mounted (5u) or shelf/floor operation
  • Plug and Play – no IP addressing required
  • Compatible with CAT5e (or higher) cables of up to 100m
  • Locking EtherCon ports

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