AV at Disney World!

Disney is the biggest name in entertainment, and pulls off an amazing light show via projection mapping every night right at Cinderella’s castle, but association with that name doesn’t come for free!

An interesting fact is that Disney makes a crazy amount via corporate sponsorships like Chevrolet for the attraction Test Track at Epcot. According to the Orlando Sentinel, GM spent $100,000,000 sponsoring that attraction for a ten-year period.

JBL speakers are installed throughout the resort, but their logos are always blackened out. Likewise, Elation Professional fixtures are used extensively, but you will never catch mention of that fact on Elation’s site, where they extensively advertise their wide use by the cruise industry. A logo you will see is Panasonic. Panasonic is the official projection technology at Disneyland and Disney World. While the terms of that deal aren’t public, that does earn Panasonic credit of being associated with the mouse and you can clearly see their logo on their products. When you enter the World of Disney, the flagship Disney store at Disney Springs, you can look up and clearly see Panasonic projectors creating the projections showcasing the popular Disney characters.

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