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ChamSys’ MagicQ operating system is known for its simplicity. It was designed to have an intuitive workflow. Consoles running MagicQ can complete tasks in a fraction of the time of most other lighting consoles, and it was the first time we would recommend a console over software for most of our clients. So the crazy fact […]


Never Use 0-10 Volt Dimming! *our rant begins at 2:40 How it started- It has been our experience that many engineers copy and paste from project to project to simplify their process, with the result being the standardization of a terrible product. 0-10v began during the transition from traditional architectural dimming of incandescent lighting to […]

Stage Lighting Is Helpful

If church is not a show, why do we need theatrical lighting? We have heard this asked many times over the years as we’ve partnered with hundreds of churches. We usually hear it from volunteers, though occasionally from ministers. The heart behind this sentiment makes sense, but this is why we believe stage lighting is […]

Color Temperature

What is color temperature, and how is it used? Color Temperature= is a measurement to indicate the amount of blue or red light produced by a light source, and is measured in kelvins. Color temperature is typically used when dealing with whites to indicate what color a fixture will produce. For instance, a higher color temperature […]