Why Springtree Is Different!

Springtree is weird, in all the best of ways.

Here is what makes us different.

Direct To You

Selling direct to the end user is nothing new, but it is atypical in the AV industry.

How The AV Industry Usually Works

A manufacturer designs and builds their product and then ships it to their warehouse. That manufacturer then hires a rep firm to represent them in a region. Those reps sign up resellers, who then market and sell the product to the end users. There needs to be enough margin to support the manufacturer’s large operation, fund the rep firm, and entice resellers to sell their product.

Nowadays, many manufacturers also sell their products on their own sites. But, as part of a reseller distribution network, those manufacturers can not undercut their own resellers, and you will still be paying inflated prices.

Springtree products are priced to sell to the end user with no large reseller margins. We have no reps. Selling direct is one of the main reasons we offer such competitive pricing.

In addition to price, the other benefit of buying direct is that you deal with just one party for the full journey of your product. From questions, to shipping, to any issues that may arise, it is just one phone number you have to call.

And at Springtree, we are here and ready to take your call and help you in any way we can.

Note to integrators:

While resellers’ margins might be low, the integration potential can be very rewarding, as you save your clients money over traditional installation methods.

Not Money-Focused

This one comes down to our founder. He is not driven by money, and this is reflected in our company culture. He even wrote this blog post to convince churches to buy less gear.

Our sales staff makes 0% commission on all sales because we never want there to be any motivation to sell you something you don’t need. We want our team to offer you great advice without pressure to buy.

The Customer Isn’t Always Right, But We Will Always Do What Is Right.

Dave Ramsey is a famous financial advisor. He tells the story of how someone touring his company was amazed by how nice everybody was who worked there. Dave replied, “That’s because we fire the jerks.” In the same way, we empower our team to pass on any business we don’t want to partner with.

At Springtree, we have replaced the old maxim, the customer is always right, with, the customer isn’t always right, but we will always do right by the customer. With Springtree, you are never alone.

Our Weird Plan

We don’t plan on taking over the lighting world, but we are trying to revolutionize it.

Someone made an observation that blew my mind. We all think the world is progressing like a bullet train towards all this technological advancement at a pace we can not keep up with. And that is true, but if you take away screens, not much has advanced since the 1970s in America. We are still driving cars everywhere, and our life expectancy hasn’t increased. If we don’t include things with screens, the physical world we live in isn’t very “futuristic” at all.

LEDs have been a game changer in the lighting industry, but how we use them widely remains the same. In our homes, we screw in LED lightbulbs where we formally used incandescent bulbs. In the office place, we replace our fluorescents with LED Fluorescent Tubes. This makes sense. Retrofitting is easier than installing a whole new system, but why are we still building the old system into new facilities? At Springtree, instead of taking the new technology and fitting it into the old system, we decided to take the new technology and create a system that allows every handy individual the ability to safely and beautifully illuminate their venue however they want.

Our “weird” plan is called Lo-Vo, and it forever changes architectural lighting.

Click here to learn more about Lo-Vo!

Thanks for reading! We are proud to be partners with you and so many other organizations that are also weird in all the best ways.

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