Springtree Turns 20!


Do you have any old photos I can use for our 20 years blog post?


I never had the insight that Walt Disney had. I think he sensed there was greatness in his future and archived everything. Maybe you can find a picture of Alexander Graham Bell and just say it’s me.”

The name Springtree Media Group doesn’t exactly say AV company and that is because we weren’t founded with any sense of clear vision. My dad (pictured above) started Springtree in April 1999 (when I was 4) as the publishing company of a nativity play he had written and produced. The theatre he was using had purchased lighting fixtures but hadn’t installed them yet. So the deal went, if he installed the fixtures, he got free use of the theatre. So he called a dimmer company and convinced them to add him as a dealer. And so Springtree was born.

The name Springtree comes from Psalm 1

Ebay was the name of the game. Most of our early growth came as an Ebay seller in a way that would never work today. We would list products at crazy cheap prices and watch the bidding go higher than we could ever sell them otherwise. We slowly added product line by product line. Then a Texas pastor took a chance on us and gave us our first major install and so began the installation side of our business. We started selling a lot of a little company called Chauvet. They would actually ship us their products and we would film product videos for them. Organically, we were able to grow our rental division into a large part of our community and become a national provider of AV equipment.

I’ve always been so proud of my dad and what he has done with Springtree. I admire so much that he has never been driven by money. I believe that is why churches love him. It’s been a joy to see him come to a new phase of his career where he has designed a whole line of products.

This Is Him Introducing The Best Selling Wall Station He Designed!

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Written by Brandon Vaque- grew up around AV, being dragged to help at rental events for his parents AV company. Before the age of 18, he had been in over a hundred church installs as his dad attempted to instill in him a good work ethic. Then after college, he did what he swore he would never do and joined the family business. His passion has been to simplify the lighting process, to take the stress out of navigating between thousands of similar products and control options.

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