DMX Splitters are useful for a number of reasons beyond just the convenience of running cables in different directions. The recommended max number of fixtures linked together is 32. Most rigs have more than 32 fixtures and so the solution is using an isolated splitter. Splitters are a great safety feature for shows. So, if for some reason you lost one line, the others wouldn’t be affected. DMX can be weird. A bad fixture can actually send DMX backwards and mess up the DMX of every fixture in its line. By isolating it, it affects less and is easier to identify. Each Springtree LED splitter also serves as a DMX signal booster!

Two Models 



The 4-Way Universal DMX Splitter is super reliable for both rentals and permanent installations! It is half the cost of comparable professional DMX splitters while coming packed with more features. It offers an option of 3 or 5-pin DMX at every output. While you can only use one or the other per output, you can mix and match which one you choose at every output. So you could use some outputs as 3-pin and others as 5-pin. This was designed to maximize convenience and simplicity. The Springtree LED splitters have proven themselves failproof in over a hundred permanent installations. 

Both Come With a Built-in Terminator! 


It is good practice to terminate a DMX line that is not being used instead of leaving it open. This is typically done with a component called a DMX Terminator. Each Springtree LED DMX Splitter features a built-in terminator to switch off the THRU port if it is not being used. 



As its name suggests, the 8-Way Universal DMX Splitter takes your 3-pin DMX output and splits it into 8 outputs. Each output is completely electronically isolated from each other to avoid data collision. The 8-Way is solely 3-pin DMX. Each output supports 32 fixtures for a total fixture count of 256 per splitter. Small convenient LEDs show the status of each channel. Since each splitter is powered, it also acts as a DMX Signal Booster. The Springtree LED 8-Way Universal DMX Splitter features a beautiful build while costing half that of comparable models! Includes one year warranty. 

Great With Some Wireless DMX!

A common component to use with the DMX Splitter is the Springtree LED Wireless DMX System. Designed for freedom, it is a 3-Pin transmitter/receiver. Two models are available: transmitter (male XLR), and receiver (female XLR). Plug the transmitter into your lighting controller’s DMX output and receiver into your light – it’s that easy! 

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