LED Video Panels are the Future

LED Video Panels are the future of video presentation, and are becoming more and more common place. They are mesmerizingly bright and vivid, and can capture attention in a way traditional projection can’t. There are now professional options at a price point that make LED video walls attainable. American DJ and Chauvet DJ both have introduced a low cost video panel onto the market that looks great, and are a great option if you are purchasing a video wall. This is how Chauvet DJ’s Vivid 4 and American DJ’s AV3 compare.


Vivid 4AV3
Pixel Pitch4.8 mm3.91mm
Brightness1000 NITS1000 NITS
Maximum Vertical Hang17 Panels15 Panels
Weight Per Panel27.6 lbs20 lbs
Size19.7” x 39.4” x 1.94”19.75” x 19.75” x 4”


An accurate direct price comparison between the Vivid 4 and AV3 LED panels is hard to do. Chauvet DJ lists their panel’s price for a four pack with a flight case. American DJ’s AV3 is listed per panel, and each of its flight cases hold 8 panels, so merely adding 4 panels + a flight case will not give you an accurate price.

They are also different sizes, so while it costs more, each Chauvet DJ panel is twice as long!

AV3 Per Panel= $1,139.99 

4x AV3 + flight case= $5,059.95 

Vivid 4 for a 4 pack plus flight case= $6,599.99

Further complicating an accurate price comparison is the fact that prices are provided in MAP. meaning the lowest price allowed to be listed online. For the most accurate price, you would have to inquire over email for a personalized low price. 


Pixel Pitch is the measure of distance between the tiny LEDs that make up your LED screen. It is measured in millimeters, and features a range of anywhere below 10, with the smaller the better! A smaller Pixel Pitch looks better close up, whereas you have to be farther away to get the full resolution effect of larger Pixel Pitches. Smaller Pixel Pitch means more expensive! So if your LED wall is only going to be viewed from a distance, a larger pixel pitch will be a great option. 

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